A family of businesspeople, educators, and everyday heroes

Not all heroes wear capes. And not all educators lead classrooms. Across our operating territories, each of our members brings their unique set of skills, perspectives, experiences, and knowledge—all under a common goal: making a positive difference in every community we serve.

We also don’t keep our knowledge or progress to ourselves. Sharing ideas is one of deep-held values; we understand that local and universal care challenges will be won in collaboration. Together, our passion and commitment enables us to leave a lasting mark not only on people and the places where they seek recovery, but also on the industry at large.

Taken as a whole,
we’re wholly impressive

What our team and residents expect from every day

Up and about, from the minute you’re up

From the moment they wake in their comfortable rooms, residents are driven to do more: Work harder, get better, recover faster.

Each environment is punctuated by premium décor, the finest living comforts, and the latest care technologies. Amidst an ideal balance of utility, luxury, and service, progress comes easy.

A new experience,
every so often

Recovery is never predictable or boring. To make recuperation effortless, we provide an experience as enjoyable as it is effective.

Whether it’s the integration of virtual reality, motivational incentives, or individualized counseling, our residents learn to expect recovery in unexpected ways.

Committed to muscle memory, and treasured memories

Here, friends are made here as easily as progress. Shortly after a resident joins, our teams know them on the personal level.

This personalized approach helps facilities make smarter clinical decisions, and leaves residents and their families singing Plainview’s praises for years to come.